The Album: Guess I'll Have to Write My Own

Hoffman's songs range from wry commentary about the lack news in TV news (Today); the quality (or lack thereof) of popular music (Guess I'll Have to Write My Own);the beauty of Oregon's loveliest river (McKenzie) and the region's vanishing wilderness (French Pete); and the indifference of modern society to its own decline (Something New; Heartbreak Hotel). Other songs on the album tell personal stories about family and friends (Sons of Immigrants; Breanna; Zachary; From the Very Start; I'll Still Be There); high school reunions of aging baby boomers (It's Been a Long Time) and singing and writing music (Sing You a Song).

Hoffman's vocals and acoustic guitar are backed by an ensemble of Portland, Oregon's, finest musicians, including jazz pianist Gordon Lee; legendary violinist Skip Parente; pedal steel player Harley James; bass and guitar player Jon Lindahl; blues harp and trumpet player Peter Christenson; percussionist Gary Landsberg; and vocalists Greg Roberts & Stuart Flint, aka the Oooze Brothers. The album was recorded at Portland's Fresh Tracks Studio ( and remastered at NorthWestern, Incorporated ( The CD jacket and website were designed by Woodsyworks (

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