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For Dog Lovers Only

  Hi! My name is Watson, and I'll be your songwriter today.


  You may have thought that these songs were written by some person named, "Jonathan Hoffman." That's what the cover says. It's not true. I wrote them. Me and Cricket. I'm the lyricist. Cricket provides the sex appeal. She's one hot dog.

If this Hoffman guy wrote these songs, then how come his website is called "Shelterdog Music."  Do you think HE's a shelterdog?? He's not a shelterdog.  I am.  So there.


  I wrote these songs because people don't write about what's in the heart of a dog. They mostly don't write about us at all. I wanted to write about the stuff that really matters to me. Hoffman took all the credit because he has the opposable thumbs and the word processor. Also, he claims that the US Copyright Office only gives copyrights to people. Hoffman doesn't exactly admit that I wrote the songs, but he doesn't deny it, either. He just says I'm his "muse," whatever that is. He also says that Cricket should get equal credit. Maybe so.


  So, why did I write these fourteen songs? I had a lot on my mind, that's why. I didn't want to write cute little doggie woggy songs. Instead, I took on the important issues facing dogs today.


  For example, I wanted to write about going to the lake to run around, so people won't forget how important that is. It's REALLY important.


  I had a lot to say about guilt. I use guilt a lot, like when you leave me alone in the house and go off somewhere, or when I'm stuck eating kibble while you people are eating burgers. Or when you don't let me on the comfy furniture. Unfortunately, guilt hasn't always worked for me, but I hope that some of these songs will make you feel guilty so I can get more of what I want.


  I wrote about going to the Vet. You may think it's no big deal. That's because the Vet doesn't poke at you in weird places.

  Of course, I wrote about love. People have jillions of love songs, but those mean nothing to me. It's all in the nose, baby.


  I wrote about muttdom. Cricket and I don't have our papers. It doesn't mean we're not full of love and fun. Actually, we're special breeds combining the best of many kinds of dogs.


  I wrote about getting adopted. I got adopted from the Humane Society. Cricket was in a classified ad in the newspaper. A good home is a lot nicer place than where we were before.  This Hoffman guy may have stolen my songs, but he has a pretty nice home.  Lots of dog treats and toys, and Cricket and I get to lounge around on the sofas and beds, too.


  People don't write songs about this important stuff, so I had to do it myself. With a little help. The musicians did a terrific job playing my songs.  They're pretty good, for people. I sang a bit of blues on one song, too. We dogs get the blues sometimes, when our people don't measure up to our expectations.


  So I hope you like my songs.  I need a nap, now. Bye.





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