For Dog Lovers Only:  The Songs

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Track 1: Going to the Lake
Track 2: For Dog Lovers Only

Track 3: Feel the Love
Track 4: My Puppyhood
Track 5: Veterinary Rhythm and Blues
Track 6: Political Animal
Track 7: Shelterdog Blues

Track 8: Blue Yellow Lab
Track 9: Forlorn, Forsaken & Forgotten

Track 10: I'm a Mutt
Track 11: I Want to Be a Coyote
Track 12: Big Smelly Woman
Track 13: K-9 Christmas

Track 14: If Dogs Were as Stupid as People

All songs 2004 Shelterdog Music & Jonathan Hoffman (BMI), except "Political Animal" contains portions of "Happy Days are Here Again" (Milton Ager, Jack Yellen), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP).  All rights reserved.

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