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Check out the Shelterdog Blog: Where sensitive singer-songwriters try to write about their feelings, while dogs discuss more important matters.

Listen and download some of Jonathan Hoffman's finest songs for free, and rate them, at Folk Alley's Open Mic.

Read the hilarious Harvard Magazine Interview: "Canine Mouthpiece." The magazine interviewed the dogs instead of the people.

In Jonathan Hoffman's newest CD, "For Dog Lovers Only," Hoffman has written 14 new songs.  More precisely, his dogs have written 14 new songs, for which Hoffman has taken all the credit.  Or, even more precisely, 13 brand new songs and a new rendition of his lab's song, "Blue Yellow Lab."    Order copies for your dog.  Order it for you dog-loving friends.  Order it for your dog-crazy relatives.  Order it for yourself.   It's presently available here at Shelterdog Music, as well as at CDBaby.



Digital Downloads Now Available
You can easily (and legally) download all of the songs on Jonathan Hoffman's CD's onto your computer, or your iPod or other MP3 player.  All three CD's are now available at iTunes  and the New Napster, for 99 cents per song, $9.99 for the entire CD.  They're also available at for only 88 cents per song, or $8.88 for the entire album.  His first two CD's are presently available from all the other major online music distributors, and should include "For Dog Lovers Only" soon.  These services include Musicmatch, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, and others.  Prices vary, but none charges over 99 cents per song or $9.99 per album. Check it out!

The Sox Finally Win the Series, ver. 86.0

Download the Sox song for $1

Yes, we know the history.  Only 83 years to go before the next Series championship.   But a new season is beginning and, there's always hope.  Failing that, we can live in the past.  If past performance is any measure, we have about eight decades to tweak this song until it's just right.

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